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Refresher Facilitator Training-4th Edition-English

Refresher 4th Edition Online training is a great option if you were trained as FOCCUS facilitator prior to the 4th Edition launch. Training participants MUST purchase the training as an individual (or couple) and MUST be associated with a Church/Organization registered on the FOCCUS, Inc. USA website. Run time: 3hr 16min.

Online training requires a 4th Edition FOCCUS Facilitator Manual in hand prior to beginning the approx. 3 hour training. Also required are 4th Edition Facilitator and Facilitator Manual certifications on your account.
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Category: Marriage Preparation
Part #: 4thREF-ENG
Language: English
Max # to be ordered: 1
Required Certifications to purchase this product
  • 4th Ed. Pre-Marriage Inventory – Facilitator
  • 4th Ed. Pre-Marriage Inventory - Facilitator Manual
  • 4th Ed. Pre-Marriage Inventory – Organization